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Read what people are saying about the Mermaid Beach Bracelet:

"Received the bracelet just as you said on Saturday. It is absolutely gorgeous! At first I thought it was too small and then when I realized how you have to put it on your wrist, it fit! Thank you for making my birthday complete!"
- Christine, Grand Island, NY.

"My bracelet arrived yesterday - package intact, bracelet fit perfectly. It was far more heavy and substantial than I'd thought. It will be nice to wear to remind us of our beautiful trip to Cape Cod, and our love of being by the ocean. I can see how one would be inspired to create objects so reminiscent of the sea and shore. How lucky one is to live there!"
Thank you ~
- Sharon of Michigan

Just a quick note to tell you how much my wife likes her Mermaid Beach Bracelet. It has not been off her wrist from the time it was delivered. Thanks so much for helping me make her so happy. It's much more than we expected. It's just wonderful. Thanks again.

- Rick

Hi, Karen, My Mermaid Bracelet was waiting for me when I got home to FL last night. She's GORGEOUS! Much prettier in person than the photos. I'll enjoy wearing her for many, many years.
Thank you,

- Eleanor/Florida

"Oh Karen, the bracelet is so lovely, just the lift I needed this Mother's Day weekend.
Thank you so much, I really love it, it is so beautiful, and the fit is perfect. What a treasure!
Many blessings to you and yours...."
- Fran/ Colorado

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful bracelet that I recently purchased from you for my wife's birthday. She has had many compliments and wears it proudly. The good news for you is that everyone asks where it's from and the bad news for me is that no one asks whom it's from...oh well!

Thanks again...great job!

- Andy/Massachusetts

"If you are interested in why(I chose)this bracelet over your other beautiful designs-- Massachusetts is my home state. The New England shore line is where life is put into perspective. And, the story I copied below by Robert Fulghum about a mermaid, speaks to how I/we all feel sometimes."


    Giants, wizards and dwarfs was the game to play.    Robert Fulgham

    Being left in charge of about eighty children seven to ten years old, while their parents were off doing parenty things, I mustered my troops in the church social hall and explained the game.  It's a large-scale version of Rock, Paper, and Scissors, and involves some intellectual decision making.  But the real purpose of the game is to make a lot of noise and run around chasing people until nobody knows which side you are on or who won.

    Organizing a roomful of wired-up grade-schoolers into two teams, explaining the rudiments of the game, achieving consensus on group identity--all this is no mean accomplishment, but we did it with a right good will and were ready to go.

    The excitement of the chase had reached a critical mass.  I yelled out:  "You have to decide now which you are--a GIANT, a WIZARD, or a DWARF!"

    While the groups huddled in frenzied, whispered consultation, a tug came at my pants leg.  A small child stands there looking up, and asks in a small, concerned voice, "Where do the Mermaids stand?"

    Where do the Mermaids stand?

    A long pause.  A very long pause.  "Where do the Mermaids stand?" says I.

    "Yes.  You see, I am a Mermaid."

    "There are no such thing as Mermaids."

    "Oh, yes, I am one!"

    She did not relate to being a Giant, a Wizard, or a Dwarf.  She knew her category.  Mermaid.  And was not about to leave the game and go over and stand against the wall where a loser would stand.  She intended to participate, wherever Mermaids fit into the scheme of things.  Without giving up dignity or identity.  She took it for granted that there was a place for Mermaids and that I would know just where.

    Well, where DO the Mermaids stand?  All the "Mermaids"--all those who are different, who do not fit the norm and who do not accept the available boxes and pigeonholes?

    Answer that question and you can build a school, a nation, or a world on it.

    What was my answer at the moment?  Every once in a while I say the right thing.  "The Mermaid stands right here by the King of the Sea!" says I.  (Yes, right here by the King's Fool, I thought to myself.)

    So we stood there hand in hand, reviewing the troops of Wizards and Giants and Dwarfs as they roiled by in wild disarray.

    It is not true, by the way, that Mermaids do not exist.  I know at least one personally.  I have held her hand.